Holter Monitor

A holter monitor is a continuous ECG recording taken over a 24 hour period. It assists your doctor in comparing the data recorded with your symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations etc. The monitor which is a box similar in size to a small Walkman has 5 small cables attached to electrode patches. These patches are applied to the chest and the monitor is carried in a holder around the neck or waist. It may be more comfortable if you wear loose fitting clothes. You are encouraged to continue your regular daily activities but should not shower while fitted with the monitor. If you experience any symptoms, you should make note of the time, the symptoms and what you were doing at the time. The holter monitor records the time so your doctor can correlate the data with any symptoms you may have noted.

Your initial appointment to have the monitor applied takes approximately 30 minutes and when you return 24 hours later, you should allow 10 minutes for the technician to remove the monitor and patches.